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Department of Economics
The Department of Economics currently provides various courses on economic theories and its application. Although the focus of education is to enable students to be equipped with these theories and applicable ability in reality, more emphasis is placed upon the fluency of mathematical and statistical methodology as well as logical thinking. As a result, most graduates find jobs in financial institutions, research institutes and consulting firms. The rate of Students advancing to graduate schools is quite high as compared with that of other majors in the college. Furthermore, our graduates have shown distinguished performances in their respective fields of employment.
Macroeconomics I
Microeconomics I
History of Economic Doctrines
Economic History
Mathematical Statistics I
Mathematical Statistics II
Industrial Organization
Korean Economic History
Term Structure Theory of Interest
Introduction to Computational Economic Models
Advanced Topics in Economic Theories
Mathematical Economics
Game, Uncertainty and Information
Advanced Topics in Economic History
Econometrics I
Econometrics II
Applied Econometrics
Monetary Economics I
Monetary Economics II
Theory of Economic Growth
Business Cycle Theory
Financial Engineering
Measure and Control of Financial Risk
Complexity Economics and Finance
Financial Economics
International Trade Theory
International Monetary Economics
Public Finance I
Development Economics
Comparative Economic Systems
Agricultural Economics
Social Welfare and Insurance
Labor Economics
Industrial Relations
Population Economics
Human Resources Development and Personnel Economics
Special Topics in Economics
Natural Resource Economics
Marxian Political Economy
East Asian Economy
Directed Research I
Macroeconomics II
Microeconomics II
Advanced Topics in Mathematical Economics
Advanced Topics Marxian Political Economy
Seminar in Economic History
Studies in Modern Economic History
Advanced Topics in Korean Economic History
Advanced Topics in Oriental Economic History
Advanced Topics in Western Economic History
Advanced Topics in History of Economic Doctrines
Advanced Topics is History of Economic Thoughts
Advanced Topics in History of Korean Economic Thoughts
Advanced Statistical Theory
Advanced Topics in Econometrics
Theory of Economics Measurement
Time-Series Analysis and Theory of Forecasting
Advanced Topics in Monetary Economics
Seminar in Financial Engineering
Advanced Topics in International Trade Theory
Advanced Topics in International Monetary Economics
Public Finance II
Advanced Topics in Public Finance
Advanced Topics in Development Economics
Advanced Topics in Economic Planning
Advanced Topics in comparative Economics Systems
Advanced Topics in Agricultural Economics
Advanced Topics in Industrial Organization
Advanced Topics in Labor Economics
Advanced Topics in Urban Economics
Advanced Topics in theory of Risk and Insurance
Advanced Topics in Population Economics
Advanced Topics in Natural Resource Economics
Advanced Topics in Economics
Directed Research II
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