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The College of Government and Business offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs covering business and social sciences. The College is composed of two divisions, the Division of Business Administration with two majors and the Division of Social Sciences with three majors. The Division of Business Administration offers majors in business management and management information systems. The Division of Social Sciences offers three majors in economics, international relations, and global public administration. The College of Government and Business also has general and special graduate programs and offers MA and Ph.D. programs in various fields. The Graduate School of Government, Business and entrepreneurship aiming for workers offers masterí»s degree programs in seven areas: economics, business administration, management information system, public administration, political science, education administration, and international welfare.

The College of Government and Business aims to be a world-class higher education institution. In order to do so, the College of Government and Business has recently recruited several new international and Korean faculty members from globally competitive institutions. Moreover, more international students are coming to study at our college each year. We are dedicated to the goals of diversity and excellence in providing quality education. The College of Government and Business will reach out globally while also contributing to the development of national and local communities. There has been a significant increase in the quantity and quality of our faculty research. At the same time, we aim to enhance the quality of higher education to meet new demands and growing challenges. In an era of globalization, localization, and information society, we would like to collaborate with global, regional, national, and local partners. We also want to work with our alumni, parents, and students for further development of our college. We look forward to working with you.

Myung Joong, Kwon
Dean, College of Government and Business

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